The apples are big or very big, conicaly spherical, sometimes irregular,  lightly ribbed at chalice. Their skin is smooth, greenish yellow, medium thick and occasionally rusty. The stalk well is deep and wide, sometimes intensively green. Quite a long (3-4 cm) stalk fosters collection. Diffused and banded flush, dark red in colour appears on 1/8 of well exposed to the sun fruit in preferable weather conditions. The spiracles are clear, sparsely spread on fruit, quite big and light grey. The flesh is yellow, coarse, dense, juicy, with very positive proportion of sugars to acids, and aromatic. Their taste virtues are valued high. Considering the conditions in Poland, they get ready to be collected at the end of September or beginning of October and consumed in December. It is advised to collect the fruit 2-3 times while the apples are ripening.  The collection time should not be determined assuming the fruit size and colouring as this may cause taking collection too late.  Delayed crops worsen the fruit storing qualification. The apples can be kept in a fruit store for about 3 months, in a regular refrigerator till March and in controlled atmosphere conditions until June. Using 1MCP and KA refrigerator they can be stored for a year.