These apples are characteristic as they reach their colouring very early and get deeply red. They are big or very big, with average diameter of 75-85 mm and spherically conical in shape. Their skin is glossy and smooth, in 95 to 100 % covered with intensive, diffused, crimson flush. Even at the shaded side of tree or within its crown. The Red Jonaprince fruit contains more sugars and is more firm than other Jonagold varieties. The Red Jonaprince variety contains high contents of an anticancer component – the anthocyanins. The flesh is firmly dense, very hard, creamy-yellow, sweet and sour, aromatic, and of high taste qualities. Compared with other Jonagold varieties, their crop is very early – in the third decade of September. It is worth to remember that the apples having reached their colouring early seem good for earlier collecting but this may be unfavourable to the apple excellent taste and long storing quality. A significant value of this variety is the option of taking the crops at one time. The apple flesh firmness then is ca. 8,5 kg/cm². The apples as having dense and fine-grained flesh keep long shelf quality and tasty look. Due to perfect storage characteristics and exceptional trade longevity of this variety apples, they are almost ideal to be exported.