Our Farms

WILGA FRUIT is a group associating 61 producers of fruits and vegetables which has operated on the marked since April 2003. Our annual production is nearly 20 000 tons of apples and ca. 4000 tons of Chinese celery cabbage and vegetables grown on the area of ca. 600 ha. The majority of the fields where we grow our plants are located along the eastern bank of the Vistula River in the southern part of Mazovia Voivodship (the Commune of Wilga and Sobienie Jeziory). A considerable distance from Warsaw and lack of industrial plants in our neighbourhood favour the production of the eco-food. This fact is confirmed by the direct vicinity of two nature reservations surrounding our fields, i.e. Mazowiecki Park Krajobrazowy and Natura 2000 protected area. Our asset is a long-term horticultural tradition passed from generation to generation. Family farms which have long dealt with the production of fruits and vegetables are highly specialized in the horticulture and fruit growing. Our experience is enhanced with new knowledge and solutions. All of our farms have received the Certyfikat Integrowanej Produkcji Owoców (IPO) [Certificate of Integrated Fruit Production] and GLOBALG.A.P . Our fruits are held in the KA and ULO refrigerators thus enabling us to offer the fruits while preserving the maximum freshness parameters.  Bearing in mind that the entire fruit and vegetable production of the company is based on sustainable methods with particular emphasis on minimising plant protection using chemicals, it can be said that "WILGA FRUIT” Sp. z o.o. Group uses its best endeavours and care to protect natural environment and preserve the quality of fruits and vegetables sold to consumers.


Logistic Centre


Our Logistic Centre is provided with 29 modern high bay warehouses with the total capacity of 8300 ton utilising the ULO technology. Apples can be stored for a long period of time keeping their natural firmness and acidity as well as the basic colour. These factors allow us to preserve high quality of the fruits even after several months of storage. Refrigerators and controlled atmosphere equipment were supplied by ATMO CONTROL while the gas air tight doors were provided by P.H.U. "ŻELAZO”.


Accurate and efficient sorting and packing processes in the facility is possible thanks to the machinery supplied by Aweta. The initial sorting begins with the fully automatic process of water unloading. The fruits are gently conveyed to the optical sorting machine on rolls (Rollerstar device), and following proper classification in accordance with the provided parameters (weight, size and colour) they are further relayed to one of the 12 water channels. Subsequently, they are packed into the boxes using the hydrovac packing machines. Also, transportation and stacking of the fruit filled boxes are automated as well as the empty container pick up (Domino machine).  The efficiency of the sorting line is 8 ton per hour. The sorted fruit is delivered to the packing lines using the Maestro robots which allow immersion of the full containers in the water channel and a free outflow of fruits which are then transferred to one of the three packing lines (the 3 lines and a NewTec freighter provided with weigh). The lines are provided with dynamic packing tables with an option of return product option (the so called recycling lines). The final stage of the process is palletting of the finished product using the EasyPall automatic palletting machines and binding of the stacked pallets. The prepared fruits are further transported to the forwarding chambers.  An advantage of the ULO system is the extension of the fruit or vegetable storage period while maintaining a very high commercial quality of the products. It allows us to deliver high quality fruits to the clients all year round.