idaret apples


The fruit is of medium size, ca. 140 g weight, spherical in shape, slightly flattened at stalk and chalice. Its skin is hard, thick and shiny, light yellow with greenish shade. The flush colour starts from light red to reach carmine, diffused, with few bands and smudges. The flesh is white, with creamy shade, fine-grained, juicy, firm with mildly sour taste, delicious if the fruit is collected in proper time and stored accurately. The Idared apples collected in the middle of October get ready for consumption in January and can be stored well until spring. Refrigerated in controlled atmosphere, they keep good quality even for a year. 


The apples are big, spherical or spherically conical with a light ribbing  at chalice overcoming the fruit. Their skin is smooth and green, occasionally with a subtle flush on the side exposed to the sun. Their flesh is creamy with greenish shade. They get ready to be picked up in the middle of October.


The apples are big or very big and wide-cone shaped. Their medium thick skin is smooth and greasy. Almost in all it is covered with a dark red (up to dark carmine-brown) flush with clear darker bands. The flesh is creamy, medium dense and fine-grained. The fruit is juicy, crunchy, very delicate and sweet-sourish. It is good for consumption either when fresh or home processed into marmalade or stewed fruit. Kept in refrigerator, the apples can be stored for about 4 months. 


The apples are big or very big , conically spherical, slightly ribbed at chalice. Their skin is smooth, greenish yellow with a red flush. The flesh is yellow, very hard, dense with very preferable proportion of acids to sugars. Their taste is very high valued. Their basic colour is yellow-green, with dark red flush, sometimes a little brown and banded with chimeras. 


The apples are big or very big, spherically conical, with smooth and glossy skin covered almost in the whole with red-carmine flush.


The Gala variety apples are conical or conically oval. At chalice, ribbing can be noticed. The apples are well coloured, covered with marble-like orange or orange-red, bright flush, with smooth skin. The fruit has one visible disadvantage – it may easily crack at stalk; and this takes place when the ripe apples hang on trees too long or while it is heavily raining. Such fruit is not good for storing. The Gala apples are ready to be picked up in the 2 or 3 decade of September. Free from damage fruit can be stored well both in an ordinary refrigerator as well as in controlled atmosphere conditions.  


The apples are medium big, spherically conical, equal, getting slightly narrower towards chalice. Their skin is smooth, dry, greenish yellow, covered in all with dark red, intensive and diffused flush. The spiracles are big and very clear. Their stalks are thin and long. The stalk well is medium deep, wide and rusty. The chalice well is medium wide, shallow or medium deep, sometimes also a bit rusty. The chalice is closed or partly opened, quite big and its split parts are long. The flesh is creamy white, hard, dense, juicy, sweet-sour, tasteful. Their seed cells are closed. The apples can be collected since the end of September until the middle of October. 


The apples are big or medium sized. Slightly ribbed at chalice, quite alike in shape and size. The skin is smooth, green and yellow, in more than half covered with diffused and banded flush in coral-red. The spiracles are numerous, small and light gray. The flesh is juicy, sweet, a little sour, aromatic and commonly appreciated as very tasteful. Considering the climatic conditions in Poland, they get ready to be collected in the second decade of September and consumed as early as in the beginning of October. These autumn variety apples can be stored well in a regular refrigerater till the end of February and in controlled atmosphere conditions until July.


The apples are big or very big, conicaly spherical, sometimes irregular,  lightly ribbed at chalice. Their skin is smooth, greenish yellow, medium thick and occasionally rusty. The stalk well is deep and wide, sometimes intensively green. Quite a long (3-4 cm) stalk fosters collection. Diffused and banded flush, dark red in colour appears on 1/8 of well exposed to the sun fruit in preferable weather conditions. The spiracles are clear, sparsely spread on fruit, quite big and light grey. The flesh is yellow, coarse, dense, juicy, with very positive proportion of sugars to acids, and aromatic. Their taste virtues are valued high. Considering the conditions in Poland, they get ready to be collected at the end of September or beginning of October and consumed in December. It is advised to collect the fruit 2-3 times while the apples are ripening.  The collection time should not be determined assuming the fruit size and colouring as this may cause taking collection too late.  Delayed crops worsen the fruit storing qualification. The apples can be kept in a fruit store for about 3 months, in a regular refrigerator till March and in controlled atmosphere conditions until June. Using 1MCP and KA refrigerator they can be stored for a year. 


These apples are characteristic as they reach their colouring very early and get deeply red. They are big or very big, with average diameter of 75-85 mm and spherically conical in shape. Their skin is glossy and smooth, in 95 to 100 % covered with intensive, diffused, crimson flush. Even at the shaded side of tree or within its crown. The Red Jonaprince fruit contains more sugars and is more firm than other Jonagold varieties. The Red Jonaprince variety contains high contents of an anticancer component – the anthocyanins. The flesh is firmly dense, very hard, creamy-yellow, sweet and sour, aromatic, and of high taste qualities. Compared with other Jonagold varieties, their crop is very early – in the third decade of September. It is worth to remember that the apples having reached their colouring early seem good for earlier collecting but this may be unfavourable to the apple excellent taste and long storing quality. A significant value of this variety is the option of taking the crops at one time. The apple flesh firmness then is ca. 8,5 kg/cm². The apples as having dense and fine-grained flesh keep long shelf quality and tasty look. Due to perfect storage characteristics and exceptional trade longevity of this variety apples, they are almost ideal to be exported. 


The apples are medium big even when crops are rich. They are spherical in shape, lightly flattened, aligned, with clear ribbing  at chalice. Their skin is smooth, glossy, almost in all covered with carmine-red flush and noticeable, characteristic for this variety, big, yellow spiracles. The flesh is creamy white, hard and dense, juicy, aromatic, winey-sweet, tasteful.


The fruit is big, conical, ribbed a little, with yellow-green skin. The flesh is white greenish, dense, juicy, sourish, tasteful. A dessert variety. The apples are conical in shape, intensively red in colour and crunchy. The fruit is sweet and sour in taste and has strong aroma. Its flesh does not get dark so it is perfect for consumption as a fresh snack. The Gloster variety is available since November to July. 


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